Fringe Activities

Fringe Activities

GCNS CEO Roundtable [By Invitation Only]

The 9th GCNS CEO Roundtable is a pivotal gathering of influential business leaders aimed at fostering discussions, commitments, and actions around the Forward Faster Initiative. This initiative, encapsulated in the theme “Forward Faster – Guiding Companies Towards Decisive Action for 2030” seeks to accelerate corporate progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


1. Drive Corporate Commitment:

  • Encourage companies to commit to one or more targets under the Forward Faster initiative.
  • Foster accountability and transparency through public declarations of commitments.

2. Knowledge Exchange:

  • Facilitate insightful discussions on the five Forward Faster themes.
  • Accelerate progress across all 17 SDGs through collaborative learning.

3. Inspire Action:

  • Showcase companies championing targets, inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices. ● Highlight positive corporate returns on bold sustainability actions.

Target Audience

Corporate Leaders and Executives: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other top-level executives responsible for corporate strategy, sustainability, and communications within companies across various industries. They play a crucial role in driving corporate commitments and actions towards sustainable development.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date and Time: 23 July 2024 1pm onwards (time to be confirmed)

By partnering with the 9th GCNS CEO Roundtable, sponsors and partners have the opportunity to align with the forefront of sustainable development, gain exposure to influential business leaders, and showcase their commitment to driving positive change. Through strategic collaboration, sponsors and partners can contribute to shaping a more sustainable and equitable future for generations to come.

For more information on partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Chitra Venkatesh, Deputy Director, Knowledge and Strategic Initiatives at or write to

About Community Marketplace

Ready for your organisation to make a difference?

Today, corporate responsibility extends beyond profit. Businesses can play a crucial role in driving positive social and environmental change, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable world. And in doing so, businesses create value for all its stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which they operate.

The Community Marketplace features various social impact enablers and their corporate partners. Visit our booths to hear how they started on their corporate purpose journey and delivered meaningful change. Learn more about corporate philanthropy and volunteerism, discover how you can promote diversity and inclusion within the workforce, and support community development initiatives. If you find a cause that resonates or is aligned to your business, we offer 1-to-1 consultations with our community partners for how you can embark on or expand your social impact journey.

About SBF Foundation

As the social impact arm of the Singapore Business Federation, the Foundation seeks to strengthen Singapore’s social compact with the support and participation of the business community. We champion and multiply the efforts of individual companies in corporate social responsibility and corporate giving for the benefit of all.

The programmes we develop are aimed at giving back to the community and promoting social impact. These include galvanising businesses to support employees in need through our Industry-led Compassion Fund, empowering vulnerable groups to enter or re-integrate into the workforce through our Employability Fund, corporate volunteering programmes, and other business-centric projects.

To join us in our efforts, please visit

Future-Ready Businesses Spotlight

As part of SBF’s newly launched Future-Ready Businesses initiative, the Future-Ready Businesses Spotlight offers participants unique learning opportunities to visit pioneering organisations that are adopting innovative strategies and cutting-edge solutions to future-proof their operations. This “spotlight” highlights exemplary models of innovation and sustainability, providing a focused look at industry leaders who are setting new standards.

Through a series of thematic visits, participants will gain firsthand insights into how businesses can drive positive change through forward-thinking strategies.

In conjunction with the 2nd Singapore Apex Business Summit in July 2024, two spotlight visits have been arranged to Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant and PSA Innovation Centre.

The Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant exemplifies sustainable water management practices, which are crucial in an era of increasing environmental concerns. By showcasing its innovative technologies and processes, businesses can learn how to integrate sustainability into their operations, contributing to environmental conservation and long-term business resilience.

Similarly, the PSA Innovation Centre offers a glimpse into cutting-edge technologies and processes in the logistics and supply chain industry. By exploring its initiatives in automation, digitalisation, and efficiency optimisation, businesses can gain valuable insights into streamlining their operations and staying competitive in an evolving market landscape.

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